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Advantages of platinum power supply

2014 is the Lunar New Year of the horse, LED driver for the power market, destined to be a Ten thousand steeds gallop. year. This year, LED universal lighting will enter the homes of ordinary people, is expected to grow by more than 100%, and in the next three to five years will continue to grow. As we all know, the driver is the heart of the LED light source, but also the most vulnerable part of the LED light source. Therefore, how to do a LED driving power supply is really a prerequisite to do a LED light source. The platinum LED power driver ensures reliability and safety, pursues efficiency and constant current accuracy, suppresses ripple and noise as much as possible, and properly adjusts the linearity. The pursuit of these products at the same time, the price is to ensure that low-cost LED light source, finished product is the platinum manufacturer's constant pursuit.

Platinum can sell mainly LED waterproof power, has the advantages of high efficiency, low ripple, high reliability and multifunction machine optional features, a full range of metal shell glue package, IP67 protection grade, and has good heat dissipation performance and improve the reliability of the product. Widely used in LED street lights, tunnel lights, landscape lighting, industrial lighting and other LED lighting. Constant voltage series with
Constant current series with 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W and other output power models are optional.

Constant voltage series with 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80/100W, 150W, 200W and other output power models are optional.
technical service

Zhuhai platinum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides LED waterproof power for the outdoor lighting industry in the world. It is the guide of the power supply industry. Zhuhai platinum main products for constant flow waterproof power and constant pressure waterproof power, this is platinum, with unique features, to do, we must do well, should be specialized in fine. Zhuhai platinum 10W to 200W based, the value of outdoor power: LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED tunnel lights, LED industrial and mining lights, LED flood lights, LED lights, LED panel lights, LED wall washing lamps, etc..

For the global customer's quality requirements and satisfaction, and in the domestic such a rapid development and service quality requirements as one of the market, reduce production costs, improve product quality for competitiveness. Zhuhai platinum Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. in the production and sales of technical support, the introduction of various types of products, widely applicable to domestic and foreign LED lamp industry.
"Quality and satisfaction" is Zhuhai platinum quality code, we adhere to the performance and power supply products, technology research, design, production, quality testing, material selection, production, production, sales and service, customer service guarantee has a set of strict and standard management. Ensure the best service to our customers.

To provide customers with a complete set of solutions is we always persevere the pace, we have excellent quality, the elite engineering team, but the production of army, whether it is in today's market, the future market will continue to improve, Zhongfu photoelectric constantly, improve service quality, to become the first choice of the power sector, to become customers the most powerful hammer, do the power integrity of your permanent partner! .

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Common problem
1. What's your delivery date? A: sample 3-7 days, batch order for more than 5 days.
2. Do you accept small orders? A: Yes, minimum order quantity: 20pcs or more.
3, after-sales service? A: three years warranty, and the first year to undertake round-trip freight (it is the quality of the product itself).
4, respond to inquiries and offer buyers in a timely manner? How long?
5, payment terms? A: to the delivery (30% deposit).
6. Does the OEM/ODM service provide? OEM/ODM time required for order / project completion? A: yes.
7, whether the product has patent? A: there are 18 patents, including utility models and appearance patents.
8, what are the certification? A:CE, CCC, ROHS, TUV, SAA and other authentication.
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