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LED switching power supply selection and use matters needing attention
Category: Corporate Information
Date: 2020-05-14
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Author: 行業資訊

First, from the professional manufacturer of LED switching power supply-Bineng Electronics introduced:

1. How to choose LED switching power supply:

To ensure the safety of the LED switching power supply, first select products with short circuit, overload protection and flame retardant functions.

In the process of using LED switching power supply, the power supply catches fire due to short circuit, or damage due to power supply overload (power supply overload) sometimes occurs.

The so-called short-circuit protection requires that the power supply be cut off in a very short time after the short-circuit fault occurs, to protect the load from the impact of large currents, and also effectively protect the safety of the LED switching power supply.

The overload protection requires the LED switching power supply to act instantaneously under the influence of short-term overload surge current or short-circuit current to protect the safety of the LED switching power supply.

When choosing an LED switching power supply, in addition to the short circuit and overload protection functions, the flame retardant function is also another important barrier to protect the safety of the power supply.

2. Precautions for use:

Please do not modify, disassemble or remove the power supply. If necessary, please contact our customer service in time. Do not touch the electronic components on the product when the power is on, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock or injury.

When connecting power input or output, turn off the power.

Please check whether the input and output wires are connected correctly before power-on; make sure the input and output are not short-circuited or reversed; at the same time, please confirm whether the input voltage is consistent with the nominal value of the product.

In order to ensure safety and less electromagnetic interference, please ensure that the product grounding terminal is reliably grounded. The ground wire usually requires a wire diameter of 18 AWG or more.

When using this product in a field with strong lightning strikes or in a field where the lightning protection measures are not standardized, install lightning protection equipment on the input side.

The ambient temperature of the power supply is also very important. The internal temperature rise of the power supply is directly related to its surrounding temperature. It is necessary to add additional auxiliary heat dissipation devices. If the output temperature is too high, the output power must be derated to use the power supply scientifically. Extend the service life of the power supply and reduce your maintenance costs, (please refer to the temperature derating curve when using, see the attached drawing).

Recommendations for installation and use of power supply: The total power for one-time starting should not be too large. The power of each phase is generally not more than 10KW. The specific power must match the load that the transformer can withstand. The three-phase power should be balanced and delayed start in batches. To prevent the instability of the power grid caused by excessive AC shock wave when starting at high power.

If the power supply system has power factor requirements for the equipment connected to the power grid, it is necessary to select a power supply product with PFC function to reduce the interference to other equipment, which can reduce the phase and neutral currents, and the reduction of the neutral current is particularly obvious. If the input transformer power is limited, on the basis of not increasing the input transformer power, products with PFC function can be selected to improve the transformer's standby capacity.

Under low temperature environment, low temperature power supply must be selected. The minimum working temperature of conventional power supply is -30 ℃.